Class Times, Calendar & Events

Adult's Class Times & Locations


We always post assessment times as far in advance as possible to give students maximum notice. However, the times can only be calculated so far ahead of each assessment because they are based on class size and predicted attendance. The main grading is always at Clover Hill.

All Classes Grading Saturday 18th March

Foundation 2pm – 3:30

Intermediate 3:30 – 5:30

Advanced 5:30 – 7

Masters 7 – 8:30

All at Clover Hill

Catch Up Gradings

Foundation & Intermediate Tuesday 21st March 8pm at Jessopp Road

Advanced & Masters Monday 20th March at 8:30pm at Clover Hill

Catch up gradings are run the following week to the main grading at an additional £5 charge.

Grading Dates 2023

March 18th  – All Classes

May 20th  – Foundation and Intermediate

July 15th  – All Classes

September 23rd  – Foundation and Intermediate

November 18th  – All Classes

Workshops are on special topics that are not covered specifically in the main curriculum and are open to all levels and abilities.

February 18th – Breakaways & Locks

The effective and easy to learn techniques for releasing oneself from various grabs using minimal force.  How to apply industry tested control and restraints techniques.  Or “How to use an effective wrist lock.”

June 17th

October 21st

Workshops are 10am – 12pm at Clover Hill.  We invite anyone who wishes, to bring food to share for 30-40 mins after the workshop for shared lunch.

Dates Closed 2023

April 3rd – 8th 

August 1st – 11th     

December 18th – 29th  

Also Closed Bank Holidays