Workshops & Videos


There are some topics that, while being taught in a general way during lessons, still deserve to be given some dedicated time.

A two hour workshop is held every 4 months on a Saturday to enable these topics to be covered with greater depth.  These various topics focus on practical skills.  They have a profound impact upon personal development and compliment your mastery of Kung Fu.

These workshops £20 per person. 50% Family discount applies.


Like the workshops, these videos cover topics, that whilst referred to during lessons, still justify more in-depth study.  These videos cover the philosophical ideas associated with the spiritual aspects of Kung Fu and the theoretical implications of learning to be a martial artist; ultimately Kung Fu is the mastery of life.  These videos are only available to students of the Norwich Kung Fu Academy through their login area.

Workshops Topics Available

Power Generation & Board Breaking

Understanding the physics, physiology and the practical dynamics of force generation and delivery.  Or, “How to hit really hard.”  Using momentum and timing to maximise the impact of all techniques learned regardless of size or strength.

Fluidity & Coordination

Developing a highly integrated nervous system.  Improving your balance, 3D spacial and intra-personal physical awareness.  Leading to more controlled and gracious movements.

Disarming Knives & Guns

The safest and most practical ways of removing bladed weapons and handguns from an opponent.  Tried and tested in the security industry.

Breakaways & Locks

The effective and easy to learn techniques for releasing oneself from various grabs using minimal force.  How to apply industry tested control and restraints techniques.  Or “How to use an effective wrist lock.”

Sparring Strategy

The tactics of manoeuvring to maximise your stability and force.  Outflanking your opponent, taking into account their strength and level of aggression.   Recognising weak points in your opponent.  Understanding the pros and cons of stances in all types of martial arts.

Sparring Strategy 2 - Elemental Combat

Using the strategies of the 5 elements of Tao Te Kung Fu in practical combat.  Water, Fire, Metal, Wood and Stone all have unique approaches to fighting.  Learn how to use each one in the right scenario against different types of opponents.  Find out which element best suits you.

Video Topics Available

The Unconcious

Consciously taking control of your programming system.  Be in the drivers seat of your own emotions and physiological reactions.  Overcoming fears, addictions, habitual thinking patterns.  Becoming the person you choose to be.

The Law & Self Defence

A thorough understanding of the law of self defence.  Being able to answer the questions of who, when and what you can defend and what the limits of “reasonable force” are.

Meditation & Self Hynosis

Develop your understanding of the methods and theoretical reasoning underlying these, often mystifying, practises.  Taking some of mythology away and seeing how these incredibly useful techniques can help you to master yourself and address many of the elements of your makeup that you would choose to change.

Health & Nutrition

Getting into the nuts and bolts of how to improve your health.  Understanding essential nutrition and the appropriate balance for weight control.

Exercise & Fitness

The general principals and practical exercises that will enhance Kung Fu specific fitness and the grace & suppleness of your movements by increasing your physiological control and strength.

Ethics of Violence

In depth consideration of when it is or is not morally appropriate to use specific levels of force within various contexts. Having an ethical base established will prevent the trauma of emotional conflict after the application of force.

A Western Understanding of Eastern Ideas

Making sense of the traditional Chinese 5 elements and the Indian idea of Chakras for people with a Western paradigm.


Age 12 years +


Age 5 - 11