A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step – Confucius

Tao Te Kung Fu has been developed as an efficient Martial Art that will work for anyone irrespective of size and strength, it is therefore an ideal style for children to learn.

Tao Te Kung Fu is for those who aspire to learn in a calm and secure atmosphere.  Students discover the freedom to live their lives with confidence and security.

Kung Fu means “mastery through discipline”. It gives our children the values and intrapersonal skills to excel in life.

Lessons are available for children aged 5+.  During a taster lesson an instructor will personally work with your child before and during the lesson to ensure they are able to participate with confidence.

  • The only Martial Arts training in Norfolk from a qualified teacher
  • Develops confidence and self esteem
  • Shown to encourage disciplined attitude at home and school 
  • Establishes healthy lifestyle habits
  • Smaller, focused classes with high instructor to student ratios to ensure quality tuition and continued progress
  • Highest qualified martial arts and self defence instructors in Norfolk with 50 years of experience
  • The most advanced teaching methods developed professionally 
  • Instructors are First Aid & Safeguarding trained, DBS checked and fully insured
Woman meditating on cliff at sunset
Kung fu boy

Black Belt in 3 Years

Training methods are safe and take full account of the most recent developments in the psychology of learning.  Each stage in the program builds the foundations in neural programming and physiological development that enable subsequent stages to be more easily assimilated.

The children’s’ curriculum has been developed by a professional teachers and martial artists to enable the students to easily and quickly achieve their full potential.

Your child will develop a fitter, stronger and more coordinated body. They will become more mentally focused and have sharper control of their emotions.  We believe that training in Tao Te Kung Fu is the most  complete and easily accessible means of personal self development.

Structured Learning Environment

Two women kneelingThere are separate classes for foundation, intermediate and advanced students so your child will always be training with other students at an appropriate level.

By providing many more lessons than the minimum required to take a grading, we ensure continuous progression even if some lessons can’t be attended.

To ensure health and safety and a high quality of instruction, two instructors are always present.

At the start of their first free lesson, your child will spend some time with an instructor learning the basics, to enable them to comfortably participate in the foundation level class.

Rapid & Focused Progress

Many Martial Arts clubs are classically set up for students to take 5, 10 or 20 years to reach a Black Belt standard.  This can be due to a lack of professional lesson and course preparation, large governing bodies forcing students to compete in tournaments to progress or holding back to take more tuition fees.

Kids KneelingOur 3 year Black Black Course is split into 3 levels to ensure a rapid progression with an in-depth understanding.

Everyone starts in the Foundation class with other beginners.  Once the Foundation level is completed a student moves up to Intermediate class to continue the next stage and then on to the Advanced level.  Once the Advanced level is completed a student earns their Black Belt and the opportunity to join the Master’s Class.