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Health & Safety - Norwich Kung Fu Academy

Health & Safety

Last Reviewed January 2023

A ‘Sifu’ is a chief instructor in Kung Fu.

Participation in all classes, assessments and workshops run by Norwich Kung Fu Academy, is with the strict acceptance of, and adherence to, these points.

 Your co-operation is not merely appreciated, but is also essential to the enjoyment and personal development of all academy members.

 1.The health, safety and welfare of everyone in the class is everybody’s responsibility.

 2. Do not attempt any technique that has not been taught as part of the course syllabus.  It could result in injury to yourself or another person.

 3. Do not attempt to instruct any technique unless asked to do so by a Sifu.

 4. If you have any problems or concerns regarding any issue of safety whatsoever, raise them with either Sifu at the earliest convenient opportunity.

 5. Let a Sifu know if you have any existing injury or medical condition that may affect your training.  If during a class you sustain any injury, please report it to a Sifu immediately so that it can be treated and entered into the accident book.  Your Sifus are qualified first-aiders. 

 6. Wear suitable footwear.  Please remove all non-essential pieces of jewellery, watches, rings, etc.  These can cause injury to others.  Attend to your personal hygiene in consideration of others.

 7. We want you to enjoy your Kung Fu training, but we do need you to be responsible.  Please resist the urge to engage in unnecessary horseplay.

 8. Any person found to be under the influence of alcohol or a behaviour affecting unprescribed medication will be asked to leave the class immediately.

 9. If, during training, you see a potentially dangerous situation developing or occurring use the command ‘STOP’ to bring the training to an immediate halt.

 10. During all classes the Sifus are in authority and their instructions are to be followed.  We reserve to right to cease the membership of any student demonstrating an inappropriate attitude.