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The Learning Process

I was considering the down times in the learning process. Those points when we are likely to quit. You might find these thought provoking. The

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Understanding Stress

The sympathetic nervous system arouses the body, preparing it for vigorous activity. Often referred to, inaccurately, as the “fight or flight response” it is a

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Meditation & Self Hypnosis

Meditation and Self Hypnosis Before reading this I suggest that you read the Understanding Stress Blog Stress is the result of prolonged activity of the

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The Elements

As students progress through the Masters’ Course they develop their understanding of the Elements that they have been learning about during the Advanced Course. I

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Chi Kung

Chi Kung or working with energy. I’ve recently had one or two people ask about the Chi Kung we do in class, so I thought

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Seen from high enough all of life’s problems are small. An economist, when asked why he had no economic model for the long term, only

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Yin Yang Symbolism

Many people ask about the Yin Yang symbol that the academy uses; wondering about any religious significance.  Although the Yin Yang symbol is the recognised

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Who’s Reality?

Enlightenment through Koans, just join the dots and a picture emerges. A Koan is a story or a question that encourages the listener to reframe

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We have many articles on subjects from fighting techniques and strategy to personal development and philosophy.  They will help you to understand what we teach in our academy and guide you on your martial arts journey.