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Child Development

You’re expecting me to tell you how your child will get fit, grow in self confidence and become a disciplined, well balanced young person by

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Self Development

Our students practice Tao Te Kung Fu with us for many different reasons. For some it is a way to keep fit and healthy, develop

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How We Learn

With Tao Te Kung Fu we use the most modern teaching concepts. This means students can develop new skills quickly and efficiently. Often instructors have

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Live Now

One root of both depression and anxiety is where you live… Anything that requires your total focus on the present will distract you from other

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Creating Yourself

Stop trying to find yourself – create yourself. Stop burying your head in distractions because life seems to lack meaning, find your own meaning. This

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Freedom From Your Past

A theme that has cropped up several times since the last workshop has been on achieving freedom from past memories. I say ‘memories,’ not the

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We have many articles on subjects from fighting techniques and strategy to personal development and philosophy.  They will help you to understand what we teach in our academy and guide you on your martial arts journey.