Ethics of Violence

This seminar will be in the form of a guided discussion, with suggestions of various ways of making decisions about ethical issues and expert comments about the practicalities of using force. This is the opportunity to have an in-depth consideration of when it is or is not morally appropriate to use specific levels of force within various contexts. Having an ethical base established will prevent both the paralysis of indecision when speed is essential and the trauma of emotional conflict after the application of force. It is common for people think after an event that they should have acted differently because they hadn’t previously considered what to do in a given situation. Sometimes people, with the best intentions, either do nothing because the hesitated too long, when they should have acted and for people to act instinctively when time and thought would have made them more cautious.

Become clear about what you feel you should or shouldn’t do in various situations.

Although this seminar is not about the law as such, some consideration will be given to ensure that all have clarity about their moral decisions within a legal context.

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