Picture the leaping bush fire, the roaring furnace.  Now think of the full flowering of crops in Summer, the optimism of the expected harvest; the joyous anticipation of the harvest to come.  Picture the Celtic army fighting in full passion and absolute exuberant optimism; Their charge will either sweep the enemy aside or fail.  Death or glory, no holding back, fly or crash and burn! Fire is all consuming passion, thrown into whatever the endeavour.

The Fire element represents different periods of our lives as we move through different cycles.  It is associated with the Summer, the time when the fields are golden with wheat, the trees are heavy with ripening fruit.  When everything is looking up, optimism is the name of the game and the heart soars high with passion and enthusiasm.

Yin Fire represents gentle warms; the healing hand of a caring friend, the lighted candle, red wine and warm rich incense.   In this element one can warm others up with sensitivity and good humour, but notice that a person in this element is still very much leading others, they are in charge; their passion, energising and driving them.

Yang Fire represents the burning furnace, the oven, bonfires, volcanoes and the Sun; it is volatile and consuming.  If people in the yin of this element emanate a warm glow, then in the yang of this element they might flare up or burn out.  This element is single minded to point of intolerance.

When you are in a Fire period your single minded passion will either drive you to success, drawing others along with your enthusiasm, or you’ll go down in flames, but still dragging others with you.  You might be intelligent and witty in the pursuit of your goal, but the goal is determined by your heart, not your head.

Fire nourishes Stone/Earth, and is nourished by wood.  It is the forest fire that renders the nutrients locked up in the plants into a form that feeds the soil.  Obviously wood is fed to a fire.

Fire is controlled by Water and controls Metal.  Water is most often used to quench Fire.  Fire is the preeminent tool for the blacksmith in his mastery and manipulation of Metal.

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