Heaven Earth

The symbol for Heaven is three Yang solid lines.  Picture the sky, it represents infinite space to accommodate any possibility.  It is the most pure Yang.  It is positive, progressive and persevering.  It represents the great initiator, the primary active, productive, creative force.  It is from the heavens that the sun shines, supplying all the energy that is used on the Earth, literally initiating everything that happens here.

The symbol for Earth is three Yin broken lines.  Picture the Earth, not just generally the entire planet, but the rich dark fertile soil that we also refer to a earth.  It is receptive and almost eager to receive any seed, bursting with potential willingness to grow anything that is planted.  It is the most pure Yin.  It is yielding, submissive, obedient and cooperative.  It represents the ultimate enabler, the catalyst for all growth, without which there would be no life or living, no cultivation whether by design and intention or by chance and the abundant, potential fertility that is the very nature of Yin.

The receptive and fertile Earth needs the creative and productive Heaven to initiate that which it will nurture and grow.

There are times when we need to be the initiators of new things; when we need to lead the way and be pro-active.  At other times we need to be able to follow, to yield and enable others to achieve by a supportive role.  Unless we are able to do both we will not be able to do either as we will have no intuitive understanding of what they other’s role requires of us.  There is satisfaction and achievement in both and at any time in our lives we could be in both roles for different situations.

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