This is a plea to those who regularly forget their uniform.

A lot of thought has gone into your uniform. Anyone who has trained in martial arts for some years will at some time have had to wear uniform that was either impractical to wear or wash, or was rather embarrassing to be seen in. Setting tradition aside, we considered what was the most practical clothing to train in, that was easy to launder & dry, that retained modesty, didn’t make you feel silly and was a reasonable price.

Obviously we all have occasions when clothes aren’t ready to wear. Either because the laundry schedule has gone wrong or we’ve picked up the wrong bag or whatever. When this happens and you have to wear different clothes, you should know that we’d rather see you with the wrong clothes than have you miss training. However, a few people appear to regularly be training in the wrong clothes. If you need a new t-shirt of trousers could we encourage you to order them. £9 each for junior sizes and £12 for adults.

Remember your uniform isn’t just for you. Martial Arts classes require an essential level of order, discipline and camaraderie as a group of people from different backgrounds come together to achieve a common goal. That sense of discipline and cohesion is helped by having a group identity; hence the uniform. Indeed, for some people, the sense of order and discipline are essential elements of their motivation for training, in an otherwise chaotic lifestyle.

We understand of course that people need to feel and express their individuality and so we offer a wide range of clothing to enable you to have a uniform that suits your style. We have hardwearing, sweat wicking, body cooling, shirts, vests, sports tops, etc. So do ask what else is available if a t-shirt isn’t your thing.

Thank you in advance for your help with this.

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