Water Fire

Fire is forever radiating outward energy, rushing for the top, yet is essentially empty inside.  It is bright, beautiful and illuminating.  It has direction, but no goal.  By comparison water tends to find the low and dark places, unaffected by superficial obstacles, it is unconcerned about direction, yet will always reach it’s goal, as a river will always find the sea.  While fire must be active and forever burning or it will cease to exist, water can be still and patient; as a damned river will create a reservoir or a lake until it has sufficient weight to spill over.  

Like a bush fire rushing forward can leave devastation behind it, the passion of those driven to fulfil their objective can leave chaos behind them, they slow down for nothing.  It is passion that will lead others to follow, will inspire, will radiate energy and be an illuminating beacon to draw others along.  

Water is all content but no form, with only the shape of whatever vessel it happens to be in.  Content, that will patiently find the way of least resistance.  It can initially and apparently be controlled and channeled be stone, but will quietly and patiently wear even that away given time.

Both are essential for a balanced life.  They will need to be predominant at different times in life.  We must be able to utilise our passions for they are the very energising force that drives us on to better and higher.  It is the engaging of our passion that drives change when urgency is required.  It is our Fire that leads others in crusades towards justice and liberty.  However, it is our cool patience and the depth & content of our contemplated certainties that will ensure that we reach our goal in the end, even when there is no fire illuminate our way or energise our actions.

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