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On Courage

“Since it is so likely that children will meet cruel enemies, let them at least have heard of brave knights and heroic courage. Otherwise you

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This is a plea to those who regularly forget their uniform. A lot of thought has gone into your uniform. Anyone who has trained in

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Fun Styles

In answer to one or two questions. Historically, many martial arts have tried to ensure their continuation by becoming a sport once the conflict or

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Locks and Breakaways

There are so many locks and so many breakaways, from so many different styles, that if you learned them all you’d never use one when

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Disarming Workshop

You could say I’ve been very lucking in disarming; mostly I’ve had to deal with two distinct groups, the very drunk and those with no

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Ethics of Violence

This seminar will be in the form of a guided discussion, with suggestions of various ways of making decisions about ethical issues and expert comments

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More Post Grading Thoughts

A grading affects people very differently. For some it is a positive reinforcement of their personal achievements. For some it is a frustrating comparison; they

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Post Grading

In a grading we test very particular skills; those that are testable. However, take a moment at each grading to evaluate the progress you are

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Each new belt rank is a milestone on your journey. This is a well-mapped path from Novice to Kung Fu Master, but it is always

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We have many articles on subjects from fighting techniques and strategy to personal development and philosophy.  They will help you to understand what we teach in our academy and guide you on your martial arts journey.